Team Building

Are you sick and tired of paying out money for pointless training? Have you really sat down and truly assessed the value returns of having a bunch of your executives running around a paddock shooting paintballs at each other?
Why not challenge your staff on so may different levels by booking one of our team building programs where not only will they be taught to dive by the best team of professional instructors in the business but also to work together in a challenging environment as they take part in team underwater search patterns, locating a salvageable object, working out what is needed to salvage the object, and executing a salvage as a team… Imagine that, they all have to play their very own part in the exercise, they have to know precisely what each others moves and tasks are, they must make things work underwater without the luxury of verbal communication, it all comes down to planning and team work.

Ask us about our programs or talk to us about your needs, let us see what we can do for you.