Spearfishing has in one form or another existed since the dawn of time.   Today spearfishing is practised world-wide and considered the single most sustainable method of hunting fish on the planet.  Why??? Because spear fishing is target selective and not indiscriminate like every other method of harvesting fish, and yes, more sustainable than fishing with a rod and reel.rock spear cressi

Like many sports, spearfishing has undergone a evolution and none more so than over the last decade with new technology in gun and shaft designs and line manufacturing with new monofilament and dyneema products making today’s spear gun better, tougher, more accurate and efficient, right through to the design of wetsuits and associated apparel.

Not sure where to begin with your Spearfishing adventure?  SCUBA CULTURE’s in house instructor will teach you everything you need to know about spearfishing and before you know it, you’ll never set foot in a fish shop ever again!

Our course will teach you about:

The freediving system and accessories relating to spearfishing

Weaponry and selecting the appropriate equipment for yourself

The MUST have accessories


Care and maintenance


Target selection, shooting and humanely dispatching the fish

SEE INFO ABOUT THE COURSE! http://scubaculture.com.au/web/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/Spear-fishing-flyer.pdf

Need to buy some spearfishing gear or need to get some spare parts?  Come and visit us for all your spearfishing equipment.  grass camo

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