Travel Ideas

So you want to do a bit of dive travel on your next holiday!

Let us help you find exactly what you’re looking for, here are a few ideas:

The coral tropical reefs of the South Pacific are the most beautiful, untouched, un-polluted reefs in the world with coral covered sea mounds that can rise from several thousands of metres to the surface. Whether you want to experience the beauty of soft corals that bloom open as the current flows past, feeding as they filter the water to the ornate Stag-horn coral formations that adorn the walls of Pacific oceans drop offs, creating habitat for the most colourful and minuscule creatures of the ocean.


You are a WWII buff and want to dive the wrecks of the numerous Pacific Ocean battles. Locations such as Vanuatu, the Solomon Islands, The Phillipines, Papua New Guinea are rich in history of those violent times with relics both on land and underwater. Numerous shipwrecks of all shapes and sizes, airplanes filled with their destructive cargo have become home to an array of marine creatures now proliferating and claiming back their territory as nature moves in turning dead metal into living coral.


The ultimate adventure to go where no man has ever gone before in the exploration of deep freshwater cave systems on the South Australian – Western Australian border. Where the water is “Gin” clear, devoid of any life but yours and your dive buddy’s, maybe, this is too remote and too far, perhaps you would rather partake in this pursuit closer to home in the caverns and sinkholes of the Mount Gambier region

What ever you want, you can have, what ever you want, we can make it happen for you.