April Newsletter

Submitted by on Fri, 05 April 2019, 10:53
March kicked off with a massive club night when we hosted the Victorian Fisheries department who delivered a most entertaining and informative presentation to yet another great crowd in attendance.  The speakers provided us with an interesting insight into their day to day work as well as some of their more sophisticated “stings” apprehensions and convictions of law breakers. Some Continue Reading...
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March 2019 DIVE CLUB News

Submitted by on Fri, 15 March 2019, 14:10
For the first time in a very long time the gods of weather were so nasty to us that we had to cancel a dive! And as Murphy’s law would have it, it was the one day where I was to get in the water to finalise Brett T’s Dive Guide accreditation! But aside from that, the diving conditions have Continue Reading...
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Mid week boat dives

Submitted by on Wed, 27 February 2019, 14:48
TAKE THE DAY OFF! WEDNESDAY 20 MARCH 2019   MID WEEK DOUBLE BOAT DIVES  (OPEN WATER LEVEL) EXPLORATORY REEF & RIP BANK For something different, go diving with with one of our guides mid week! We will do a double boat dive with Red Boats on an “Exploratory Reef” and Rip Bank.  Book your spot and hire gear (if you need any) Continue Reading...
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Stress and Rescue course

Submitted by on Thu, 07 February 2019, 14:18
STRESS & RESCUE DIVER COURSE Would you like to be diving with someone who could help you out and perhaps save your life if needed? So if you answered YES, why wouldn’t you pay the very same respect back to that person by getting accredited yourself in the appropriate techniques required to render assistance?  The Stress & Rescue course will deliver Continue Reading...
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Submitted by on Fri, 01 February 2019, 14:07
  Tec training, knowledge and skills without going the whole 9 yards! This program bridges the gap between RECREATIONAL and TECHNICAL diving and provides the knowledge and experience required to independently plan and conduct limited decompression dives to a maximum depth of 40 meters, using nitrox mixtures up to 50%. This entry-level program introduces you to the Extended Range training Continue Reading...
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Christmas Information…..

Submitted by on Tue, 18 December 2018, 13:53
There’s only a week left before Christmas! There are only 3 places left on the double boat dives (Crays and Scallops) of December 22!  Don’t miss out on your fresh Xmas seafood, drop us a line and jump on board now. Our Halcyon systems fresh from the USA are walking out the door!  Get your free regulator bags and the free gear Continue Reading...
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December news

Submitted by on Wed, 05 December 2018, 15:09
Not quite a week into Summer and on the back end of one of the wettest Novembers on record, a slight greenish tinge has tainted Port Phillip Bay, this colouring is mainly due to storm water, swollen rivers and creeks flowing into the bay.  Unfortunately, these water flows impact negatively with pollution affecting water quality. Having said that, our first Continue Reading...
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Full face snorkelling masks now at Scuba Culture

Submitted by on Wed, 28 November 2018, 14:09
Full Face Snorkelling Masks are a great alternative to a traditional mask and snorkel for surface snorkeling. It provides increased vision and allows a snorkeler to breath through both the mouth and nose overcoming most of the typical concerns a snorkeler may have to traditional equipment. The SEAC UNICA features completely separate inhalation and exhalation channels plus patented exhaust valves Continue Reading...
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Rock Lobster season opens this Friday!

Submitted by on Tue, 13 November 2018, 16:15
Rock Lobster season opens this Friday! Redboats has a number of dives going out this weekend to provide you with the opportunity of catching yourself some seafood delicacies. To book your boat dives go to:… To prepare you for the season ahead, here are some useful reminders: 🦀 Make sure you have your yellow 18/19 tags. To order some, visit: 🦀 The Continue Reading...
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Freediving Basics course

Submitted by on Thu, 08 November 2018, 14:51
So you’d like to give FREEDIVING a go without having to lash out on a heap of new toys?  Easy!! You can do the FREEDIVING Basics course using your current Scuba mask, snorkel, fins and boots!  Some of the FREEDIVING techniques taught will dramatically impact on your actual SCUBA DIVING with a more relaxed and effective breathing pattern that makes Continue Reading...
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